A message of hope to jobseekers

2020 has really been a challenging year, as Recruiters we have seen how the market has changed and the requirements for jobs have changed. In an ideal economy, many of the candidates we interview would be snatched up very quickly due to their qualifications and work experience, yet we see so many unemployed candidates who are still on the market and candidates who are in the process of being retrenched.
My message to job seekers as we enter the festive season is to not give up. No matter how bleak things seem, no matter how many interviews you have been to, no matter how many jobs you have applied for and how many times you have been rejected, remember timing is everything and the right job will come.

A few tips that I want to leave you with:

  • Take the time to update your C.V. and make sure it is a good format and attractive to read
  • Make sure you are on as many job portals, recruitment websites and Company websites as possible
  • Make sure you learn and improve from every interview and ask for feedback to know your areas of improvement
  • Know your achievements and C.V. well
  • Be well presented for every interview that you attend
  • Do research on the Company before the interview
  • Take some time during the holidays to self-reflect and practice self -care
  • Read motivational and inspiring books and material
  • Surround yourself with positive and motivated people

We are all hoping that 2021 presents more opportunity and stability. I wish you a safe and blessed festive season and a prosperous new year