Asijiki- No Turning Back

This weekend saw the 93rd running of the Comrades Marathon, one of South Africa’s most beloved sports events. It is an event that sees inspiration and motivation at its utmost as thousands of runners push themselves beyond their limits.

This year’s slogan, “Asijiki” (no turning back), got me thinking a bit about job hunting and the need to be constantly inspired and motivated to keep moving forward. The process of looking for employment can be a tricky one and it can be highly demotivating if you are not able to find the right opportunity. I have a few tips to get job seekers through this process:

  1. Be SMART 🙂 Just like training and participating in the Comrades Marathon, setting goals will assist in keeping yourself motivated until the finish. So how do we set goals? We start by realising what that end point is and writing it down. Then we start writing down what we want to achieve every day, week, and month. They need to be SPECIFIC goals, ones that are able to be MEASURED and ACHIEVABLE, that are RELEVANT to the end goal and have a TIME limit. It is important that we celebrate when these little goals have been achieved, so make the time to give yourself a great pat on the back.
  2. Preparation is the key to success: To complete the 89.9km, months of training and mental preparation is needed to finish this magnificent race. The same goes for job hunting. Your CV needs to be properly attended too, as CV preparation is a potential employer’s introduction to you. Tips for correct CV preparation are apparent on Linkedin as well as on our own website- Knowing exactly what types of jobs and industries interest you, allows you to focus your search and harness your energy in the right direction. Preparing for this would start looking at your skillset, your likes and dislikes, and where your strengths lie.
  3. Remember to take care of yourself: To have a successful race, athletes make sure their physical well-being is taken care of. They eat healthy, take vitamins, and recovery boosters. This ensures their body is at it’s fullest potential and they are more likely to have a successful race. The same goes for a person who is searching for a new job. You are trying to sell your best self and taking proper care of your mental and physical well-being will assist in this. Make sure you eat right, sleep well, and socialise with positive people. You never know when you are going to get the call to interview with your dream employer.
  4. Remember WHY: Many Comrades Marathon athletes run with purpose, for someone they lost, someone who is fighting disease, for their family, or just to prove for themselves that they can do it. This is an important aspect of any job search. Write this aspect down and put it somewhere clearly visible. When things get tough, remember why you are going through this process, remind yourself that you have a goal, that this new position could lead to many other opportunities.

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Written By:
Storm Scott