How Recruiters Identify You As A Top Candidate

After being in recruitment for a few years I have noticed a pattern with my top talent and their CVs. I thought I would share what I have noticed just in case it helps some candidates in their job search. Here is an insight into what their CVs and job applications have in common:

Layout of the CV

It is always logical and the layout is easy to follow. There aren’t any errors (like spelling and grammar) and the CV is pleasant to look at and well designed.


These normally are bold and highlighted. People who are proud of their achievement and who have indeed achieved in their lives and job will normally highlight it in their CV.

Open and honest

I find that the great candidates don’t need me to chase them to get extra information that is missing from their CV. They will normally include a lot of detail such as start and finish dates at each company, they will also state their reasons for leaving each company and if there are any gaps on a CV they will explain it upfront. This shows that they aren’t hiding anything and are open and honest. This is always a good thing.

The candidate gives a well written and customised job motivation on email.

If a candidate addresses me by name in their initial email, has the job title in the subject line and addresses their suitability to the job (and most importantly, how they meet the requirements) I instantly assume they are a good fit before even looking at their CV! It shows that they have given the job thought and that they meet the requirements, which of course is the most important part.

Good luck with your job hunting!