How To Be A Successful Business Woman

How to be even more successful as a woman in business

Whether you are working for yourself or someone else there are a few pointers that every woman needs to hear that will improve their career.

  1. Work 10% harder. You may feel you are already giving your 100% but there is always ways to work smarter and not harder. It’s good to set yourself a goal that pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of. Doing this once a month will show you how much more you can accomplish. The work you accomplish from this goal will put you months ahead of your peers. There is a lovely quote – “Be hungry, be humble and be the hardest working person in the room”.
  2. Take yourself seriously. You are in your current position to better the future. Low self-confidence, dressing poorly and a lack of passion/energy for your work will only hurt you in the long run. Use affirmations daily and practice visualizing positive outcomes. Set goals and smash them. Do the right thing every day. Walk in integrity. These are all ways in which you can improve your self-image and it will come across to others.
  3. Learn from other successful women. Find yourself a mentor and take her out for coffee every now and then and absorb all the knowledge you possible can. Reading books or listening to podcasts are other great ways of learning from the greatness of others. If you have some experience and knowledge, consider mentoring others and paying it forward.

There are many ways in which any women can impact the lives of others, a successful career is one of them. This women’s month is all about celebrating being a female and accepting all of your strengths, weaknesses, quirks and your uniqueness and bringing out the best in yourself.

–  Nicky Henderson