How to be noticed in an overcrowded job market: Building a network

How to be noticed in an overcrowded job market:

Building a network

Its not what you know, or who you know, but its who knows and trusts you. This has never been truer than recent times. The job market is so overcrowded that companies have their pick of the litter. Most of the time recruitment is done through reliable referrals so If you happen to know someone at the company you are applying to who can vouch for you, your chance of being contacted is exponentially better.

This brings me to the important part of building a network. There are many ways in which to do this;

  • Going to events and meeting new people
  • Spend at least 30 minutes every day on Linkedin and Facebook and following prospective companies profiles
  • Max out your daily Linkedin invitations by adding relevant HR/Recruiters
  • Don’t be shy, if you are looking for work then make sure that your friends know as they will keep their ears to the ground for you.


Did you know companies have many methods of ruling someone out of their shortlist without even speaking to them? One of these methods is the state of your social media. This can include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and many others. I implore you to remove all unpleasant or unprofessional images, comments, and status from your social media. I have heard of employees getting into trouble over “liking” a controversial status of someone else. If you have clean and pleasant social media this will make you stand out as compared to those who don’t.

Don’t burn bridges. The past cannot be undone but looking ahead in your career you do not want to make enemies. I have had experiences of employees stopping applicants from getting jobs by convincing management not to hire them as they “were nasty to them”.

Try not to take rejection to heart. I have often come across very bitter candidates who bad mouth companies for rejecting them. Recruitment is very emotional and try not to let it overwhelm you. Keep your chin up and keep trying!

Article by Nicky Henderson