How To Work From Home Effectively

As More and more companies implement Work from Home policies due to the spread of COVID-19, employees are now tasked with trying to be just as productive without their normal resources and routines.

While working from home sounds like a luxury in theory, its certainly no vacation and being productive is easier said than done.

Every job is different and the amount you are able to achieve will vary based on various factors and influences.

Here are some tips on how to effectively work from home:

1.Stick with your routine.

Just because you are not travelling to and from the office does not mean you should skip your morning preparations. Getting dressed in normal work clothes and not pajama’s! may sound trivial but this all adds to the benefit and assistance of your mental state and mindset and sets the tone for the day. For the many of us that have Kids it is especially important to ensure that you stick to your routine and explain to your kids that you are actually working when you are at home for those that are at the age of understanding.

2.Setting boundaries and abiding by them.

This is so important to keep a work life balance and ensure that you do not fall short while juggling the tasks of working from home and raising a family. Try to keep your workspace at home separate if you can and are in a position to do so. Keeping a balance between work life and home life has many challenges but setting boundaries will definitely assist.

3.Stay Connected with your colleagues.

If you work in a team, make sure to check in with your fellow teammates and supervisors and stay connected. This will avoid you feeling lonely and again contribute to your positive mindset. Ensuring you have a list of tasks for the day is also a good way to promote teamwork by sharing this with your colleagues as they will motivate you to ensure you achieve what you need to do in a day.

4.Celebrate your Wins and your success.

When you are working from on your own at home, staying motivated can be difficult especially when distractions are evident and clear such as Facebook, that pile of laundry or a cupboard that needs organizing. A smart way to maintain momentum is being able to success and reward yourself for achieving tasks or ticking of your To Do List.

5.Take Breaks

It is very important to take regular breaks when working from home as you can easily end up with fatigue or burnout.