Identifying New Market and Job Opportunities



Are you finding Job Hunting daunting?

Are you considering a change in career?

Here are some tips that might help you in your journey:

  • First consider your skills and experience – what your personal tool kit looks like? What do you have in your hands that can be turned into a job or business?
  • Can you turn your hobby into a job – what are your hobbies? Do you enjoy baking? Are you good at CV Writing or writing eloquently? Do you enjoy graphic design as a hobby or fixing your friends and family PCs?
  • Consult your inner circle – ask friends and family for input and advice. Consider approaching someone that has the role you want to be in and ask them how to they got to where they are.
  • Have you thought about progression in your current job – If you are currently working, have you considered what other opportunities exist where you are?
  • Go back to school – While you might not know which roles suit you best, you should have a good idea about which industries interest you most
  • Choose a course, certification that you are most passionate about – usually, it is the jobs you enjoy that earn you the most money and rewards.