How to protect your information and your job during your employment hunt

I often get CVs from candidates that contain unnecessary or too much information. I have seen peoples’ blood types, family members’ names, full addresses, bank statements, and more. As a trained and professional recruiter, I can dispose of or store this information correctly but sometimes it can fall into the wrong hands if you aren’t careful. Especially when a lot of job adverts are fake and are only there to collect your information for nefarious purposes.


When applying for a job:

·       Only apply through well-known job portals and, if possible, apply directly to the company if a company name is mentioned.

·       Beware of Gmail/ Hotmail (or free) email addresses when you apply for jobs, these can be fake. A bigger company should have its own email domain – eg –, not

·       No legitimate application process will ever need your banking details or credit card details

·       If anyone tried to charge you any fees during your job search, it most likely a scam

When creating a CV here is some information that you should avoid including:

·       If you are currently employed and are worried word might get out – you don’t need to include your current company’s name.

·       Don’t include your current reference either, a lot of potential employers may call your current employer without your permission!

·       Don’t include your full ID number, your birth date is sufficient

·       Please don’t include a copy of your ID or any official documentation with your application. Copies of your qualifications are fine though.

·       Don’t state your full address, just your suburb is safer.


Armed with this information, I hope your job search is safer and your personal information is better protected.