One Should Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

It has been said that “one should never let a good crisis go to waste”. I am an eternal optimist and I believe that in the midst of any crisis is opportunity. My diary has gone from an anxiety-inducing jam-packed schedule for the next month to having most meetings and events cancelled. Many people are already stagnating and using negative language, giving in to fear and talking about everything they cannot do in these times as well as how bad things are. I really believe that there is so much we can do and that this dreadful pandemic can actually have a silver lining if we have the right mindset. Instead of falling into a state of despair, I started brain-storming of all the things I would love to do (as a business owner) but never seem to have the time to do and I thought I would share with you some things I have put onto my business to-do list now that I have free time. I thought some of these might inspire you or your staff –

  1. I have spent some time doing some brainstorming with colleagues and business associates telephonically to help create a strategic action plan for my business
  2. I have met with my staff to have a strategy meeting about the pandemic and will continue to communicate with them every few days online with some clear direction and some motivation
  3. I have been doing some star-gazing, goal setting  and I have adjusted some of the goals I had originally set
  4. I have connected with old clients and people in my network that I haven’t had a chance to do this year and it has been rewarding
  5. I have emailed my clients and my candidates to keep in touch with them and to ask them how I can help them
  6. I have spring cleaned my offices
  7. I am working on building my online brand by upgrading my Linkedin profile, connecting with key individuals on Linkedin, by putting up daily posts on Linkedin, by connecting with top clients on Linkedin and by reading one relevant industry article per day on Linkedin
  8. I have been doing a positive upbeat post on Facebook every day to counteract the negativity that is being spread
  9. I am producing marketing videos for my company
  10. I am writing blog articles for social media
  11. I am working on a company PR campaign
  12. I am watching one online video per day on the latest trends in our industry
  13. I have been doing telephonic coaching with my staff
  14. I have booked to receive telephonic coaching from an esteemed business coach
  15. I have also offered my services if anyone wants to hire me for telephonic business coaching
  16. I am updating my company operations manual and improving some of our documents that need an upgrade
  17. I have been updating my database
  18. They are watching one Ted Talk per day to either motivate myself or to learn something new
  19. I have been reading the pile of business books that I never seem to get through
  20. I have even done all my filing!
  21. I have even decided to start writing my next book!

Remember that Action is the Antidote to Despair! Always have a plan but be flexible with the plan. Always show decisive action to your team. Be compassionate in hard times. Faith is the one thing that will overcome fear! Share positivity and hope.