The best advice for medical sales representatives

Following on from the previous blog about becoming a medical sales representative, below are some tips about hoe to the best you can be in this industry.

(1)You need to know your industry. The best way to learn more quickly is to shadow people on the job and if you find the right person they may not mind you tagging along. The internet is the next best place to find countless research articles on relevant material

(2) Talk the talk. You need to learn to communicate effectively and sell your product – remember people buy from people. Here is a list of books to assist you:

(3) Be prepared to put in the long hours. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it will take time for you to achieve your goals. This means that clocking some overtime is the best start.

(4) Know what your competitors are doing at all times and try stay on top. Don’t get caught off guard by a witty client who doesn’t see the value of your product because of the latest innovations by competitors.

(5) Network with everyone in the industry. The more people you know and more people know you the better. In this game it’s what you know AND who you know.

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