To MC, Or Not To MC- That Used To Be The Question

Hello, welcome! Bit (or a lot) of what goes on in the mind and nerves of an MC. With my many attempts to previously blog this part of my career it’s time to actually start, and give you an insight to my life, stage fright and planning. Let hope it’s interesting enough to keep you reading.

You see I (Chrissy) started MC’ing about a year ago. Very excited for the seminar, networking events and conferences, I read and listened to multiple Pinterest/blog and YouTube tips on how to not be an epic failure of an MC and the host of these events, Cindy Norcott (Owner of Pro Talent) thought, let’s give Chrissy more! Quickly I fell into the traps of “just imagine the audience naked”. I never thought my jokes were good, my introduction technic was minimal, and blah blah blah. I’m over that mindset now and it’s time to share with you how I overcame the challenges.

In August 2018, Cindy suggested I MC the Robin Hood Foundation (RHF) Wonder Women event. I swallowed my No and said YES! A room filled with a 100 + women in business is definitely a place where I can be a little creative. This opportunity was such a blessing to my publicity and network. Not only do I get to meet phenomenal people when MC’ing, but it allows me to build relationships, connect with the audience, learn something new all the time, share my creative side with everyone and I’ve learned a lot.

You see my job at Pro Talent Recruitment as the Sales, Call Centre and Administration Talent Acquisition Specialist is a place of constant, crazy, achievements and economic change, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether we are networking and brainstorming at Pro Talent, contributing to the community via RHF, celebrating any and all wins, the blessings are over flowing. Many times when my head finally hits the pillow I can’t help but stop and smile to think wow what a day!

By: Chrissy Sibeko