When is it time to find a new job?

When is it time to find a new job?

Are you broke by the second week of each month?

Are you going home each day completely stressed out?

Are you bored at work?

Do you wake up dreading the thought of work every morning?

Do you feel as though you have more to offer but no-one is interested?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then it is safe to say you should be looking for another job.

As recruiters we are finding it increasingly difficult with candidates who are declining offers / jobs at the final stage, or starting a role and then leaving after the 3rd day. When you are approached about a position, give it some serious thought before committing to the application.

Once your application goes to the client and they like the look of your CV they will then ask you to come through for an interview. It is at this stage that you need to make your informed decision about whether you would like to pursue the role. If you have any doubts whatsoever, it is probably better to withdraw. If you feel it is not going to turn all of the above questions into NO, then it is most likely not worth pursuing.