Dress for Success on a Budget

When we say “Dressing for Success on a Budget”, we automatically think of a wardrobe full of clothing from a cheaper store. Not so. You need very little clothing to dress for Success. It’s about quality, style and how you mix & match. What you are going to do is invest in key items in good quality fabrics with a fabulous fit. These items should be timeless and should last you at least 5 years if not longer. You are then going to add more on trend items to this collection of basics to extend your wardrobe and take it that much further.

Here are 10 Tips on other ways to Dress for Success on a Budget:

  1. Spring Clean your Wardrobe, you may find items you forgot about & you can re-use or put together differently. Donate your shoes to the Robinhood Foundation.
  2. Visit your Tailor. Alter a garment. Slim down a leg or shorten a skirt. Change the buttons. These ideas can automatically revitalize a garment.
  3. Swop clothes with a friend who is the same size. Why not organise a “Swop Party”?
  4. Update your wardrobe with a TREND Colour to suit your Colouring. Have a look at the latest Pantone Report for Spring/Summer 2016/17. Book a Colour Analysis to find out your season and which colours make you radiate.
  5. Add a current Accessory. This will immediately update your wardrobe.
  6. Invest in more plains and less prints. You will have more to work with. Prints are limiting & date easily. Know what prints are classics & which ones are trends. Classics will last longer.
  7. Keep an eye out for Sales, buy investment pieces on Sale from good quality stores.
  8. Follow the 70/30 Rule: 70% Timeless garments & 30% Wow factor items. Put these together & you have 100% Success.
  9. Work out the “Budget Cost per Wear Formula”: Cost R100, Wear it 10x in a year = R10 per wear. This way you can see if buying that garment is worth it.
  10. Mix & Match – Can the garment work with another 3-5 Styles in your wardrobe? We need to be able to create different outfits by utilizing the same garment.

Go ahead! Give it a try! You will be surprised how easy it is. If you battling, give me a shout and I can help you to look your best.

For more information about style tips and tricks, follow Daniyel Berry from Style Me- http://styleme.co.za/