Most vulnerable industry in South Africa – Construction Industry

Since 2016 and possibly earlier, the construction industry has seen more people unemployed and seeking employment than vacancies available within the industry.
Professions such as, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Project Managers, Civil Technicians but to name a few have shown an influx of jobseekers calling on us in hope for employment with little to zero opportunities available to date.

Reasons for been unemployed were all very similar however the main factor was due to insufficient projects available / projects being shelved as there is simply no money available to take on any new projects. This of course had led to an unimaginable amount of unemployment in South Africa with Large Blue Chip organisations downsizing, selling out and even liquidating their business.
It is pretty scary knowing how many people rely on the construction industry for work, not to mention all the suppliers who benefit from the construction industry.
We hope to see a complete turnaround within the industry by 2025 however with the alarming decline of services, stability and growth within our government sectors one can only remain hopeful.